Training and development can present your company a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of your employees. The right employee training programs benefits both the company as a whole, and the individual, making the cost and time a worthwhile investment. However, not training your employees also comes at a cost. At MICA Compliance Services, we can help you build a solid foundation of learning, and positive employee personal growth in the workplace.

Training Programs

Though most business owners may often treat it as an afterthought, training is the most important responsibility of any organization, both in terms of legal responsibility, and operational efficiency. MICA Compliance Services offers a variety of employee training programs intended to satisfy workplace requirements.

A trained MICA representative will effectively teach your employees how to successfully recognize and treat adult emergencies in the critical first minutes until EMS personnel arrive. The course also provides a complete health and safety training solution for first aid, CPR, HIPAA and AED use.

Leadership Training

Your employees combine to form a team, that strive to deliver results that will help your business be as successful as possible. The importance of leadership training can’t be overlooked, as any good team needs an excellent leader. At MICA Compliance Services, we effectively help employees assume leadership responsibilities with proper training. We offer a number of Leadership Training courses based on John C. Maxwell books by a Certified John Maxwell Team member.

Leadership training enables leaders to boost performance, craft solutions to company problems, enhance decision-making skills, brainstorm productivity strategies and promote accountability. At MICA Compliance Services, we provide employers through our training practice a vast network of employment training and coaching services. Our learning professionals have built a full curriculum of courses for every level of your organization, that combines extensive employment experience with unrivaled instructional design.