MICA Compliance services helps organizations mitigate risk by providing a number of options for employee and contractor screenings. Since every business is different, we offer a menu of services to pick from in designing a program for your business.  We offer expertise in policy and procedure development, and workforce / employee training in a number of areas related to compliance.

Most recent estimates from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ Report to the Nation indicate that a typical organization loses 5% of its revenues each year to occupational fraud. In dollars, that corresponds to projected annual losses in excess of $3.5 trillion worldwide.

Why Conduct Employee Background Checks?  

Hiring the right people is often the single biggest hurdle facing business owners, and can put a company at its greatest risk – especially if a new hire is a wrong hire.   An Atlanta employee background check company Alpharetta GA compliance services Compliance Services employee background check company services Atlantaorganization’s success or failure is often attributed to the quality and character of its employees.  According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 30% of all small business failure is caused by employee theft. Identity thief is a growing problem, and knowing who has access to sensitive information about your employees and customers is essential.  In addition, business owners and managers are more concerned than ever about the security of their employees, business assets, customers and personal safety. Consider the facts: The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that nearly 2 million violent crimes occur in the workplace each year.

Certainty Reduces Liability.  

As businesses face increasing liability from both civil and criminal prosecution, insurance premiums and damaging negative publicity, the concern over liability is justified.  The costs – in terms of money and reputation – are enough to cripple medium and large businesses, and can put small business owners out of business. The average award in a workplace violence lawsuit exceeds $1 million per case, according to the Workplace Violence Research Institute.

Certainty Improves Stability.

High turnover rates, transient workers, and résumé fraud are just a few of the factors that have made it much more difficult for business owners and human resource professionals to feel certain that they are hiring the right people for their companies. Organizations are looking to maintain stability in order to keep costs down and increase worker productivity.  The Wall Street Journal reports that on average, at least half of all new hires “don’t work out.” It also reports that 34 percent of all applications contain outright lies about experience, education and/or the ability to perform essential job functions.

Atlanta compliance services Alpharetta Buford Cummings GA compliance services Compliance Services image001With our extensive compliance services MICA Compliance can help your organization to quickly and easily implement an effective pre-employment screening program with Criminal Background Checks, Reference Checks, Academic Credential Checks, Drug Screening and Motor Vehicle Record Checks.